Thermal bridges. A problem solved, thanks it’s ISOVISTA

17 November 2020

The thermal bridge is an area of ​​the thermal envelope in which a discontinuity in insulation occurs.

The result is a thermal dispersion which, in addition to be a problem for the energy efficiency of the building, and therefore an economic waste, it’s also a risk for the health of the environments.

In winter, in fact, when the humidity present in the rooms of the house comes into contact with a colder surface, it turns into water and thus generates condensation. The result is the formation of mold and bacteria that can affect the health of the tenants.

ISOVISTA has studied an external insulation system that guarantees the elimination of thermal bridges and the resulting problems.

The exclusive perimeter battens of its cladding panels ensures, in fact, a perfect surface continuity of the insulation even in the junction areas between the various modules.

Thanks to the shape of the panel with comb union and the new polyurethane foam adhesive specific for the application of Isovista panels, it is possible to count on exceptional thermal transmittance values and, therefore, on perfect insulation during all seasons.

A very high level technical solution capable of creating an ideal living environment from the point of view of comfort and energy efficiency, respecting the environment and maximizing economic savings.